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Har in Love

"Cat vs. Plant" - November 2020

Cat's Name: Har

Location of The Feline Jungle: Portland, USA

Instagram: @chelsie_bryant

Cat's Owner: Chelsie


A Little bit about Chelsie's Feline Jungle

Har (who spells his name in all lowercase because he makes the rules; he doesn’t follow them) has an obsession with eating plants. We live in a tiny studio apartment, so I’ve had to hang shelves in order to keep them out of his reach. He is very long, so I have had to add obstacles like pillows and books to make it harder for him to get to them, too. At first, I think har was a little jealous of the plants, but he has since remembered that he will always be my number one.


What's your most memorable cat vs plant moment?

Har is obsessed with getting to the Forbidden Snack. Previously, it was the peperomia in this picture (though that has since died). Now he is obsessed with my white fusion calathea. One time, I came home late—a good hour after his normal dinner time—only to discover he had eaten half of the white fusion!! I was so upset because this plant was lush and beautiful. Now, still to this day!, it has a very lopsided haircut. har is not sorry.


A Little bit more Chelsie's and @chelsie_bryant

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