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Marley Rae in the jungle

"Jungle Cat" - March 2021

Cat's Name: Marley Rae

Location of The Feline Jungle: NYC

Cat Owner: Samantha and TJ


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

We are a plant loving couple living in Queens, NY with our 2 cats (Marley Rae and Arlow). We have about 60 plants in our apartment and have to restrain ourselves from buying more. We started off with just a few plants a few years ago and once we noticed the cats didn’t pay much attention to them, our collection grew fast. They do dig from time to time but we are so grateful that we can all coexist in the apartment together.


What inspired you to create a indoor Jungle?

We have always loved greenery in our spaces but didn’t have the amount of light in our home to keep things alive. A few years ago we moved and got the light we needed to finally create our urban jungle. We love how the green space contrasts with the city landscape, it’s our little oasis.


A Little bit more @nycplantcouple

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