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Chucky Hui

(Creative Director)

Chucky is a cat daddy turned plant daddy. He's a proud owner of a few plants in the Feline Jungle. Fascinated in designing for human interaction with spaces whether it be physical or digital.

Roberto Zhang

(UX/UI Lead)

Roberto is a coffee enthusiast and a feline lover. Passionate about accessible human-centered designs with a sense of style. 


(Furry Assistant)

Mi doesn’t care for plants but like plants, she loves that corner spot that gets the best lighting. Oh.. and she got a little brother she never wanted in 2018.


(Furry Assistant)

Ding is a ex-plant killer that used to eat off every new leave that was about to unfurl. He has gone past this phase, and learned to coexist with the plants.

Our Creative Team

Meet Vionna!

Vionna is a NYC-based plant stylist on a mission to reconnect people to nature through cultivating green spaces and houseplant care. With 5+ years of professional experience in architecture, civil engineering and construction management, she strongly believes that the right urban environment is imperative to improving our quality of life.

Vionna’s love of plants began in college, where she had to design-build a prototype of a green wall with live plants for an architecture class. She went with the ZZ plant because of its striking architectural foliage, and it inspired her to grow her own collection of 100+ houseplants!

“Integrating nature is key.”

She discovered huge benefits to her well-being since incorporating nature into her home. Plants (along with her 2 cats) have made her tiny apartment feel like a home and a jungle oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of NYC. Since then her focus is to use plants as a bridge between nature and the urban environment.

What started as just an Instagram account, Feline Jungle has evolved into a platform where Vionna shares plant-styling tips, houseplant care guides and green living lifestyle to help others along their journey to plants and wellness. With her unique aesthetic on green interior design, Vionna has been featured on multiple reputable platforms including Apartment Therapy, Home52 and The Spruce.

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast or a cat lover (or BOTH!), stay connected with Vionna on Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and the Feline Jungle YouTube channel.

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