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DIY Cat Jungle with Pet-Friendly Plants

Watch the chaos unfold as I transform a neglected spot into the feline jungle with pet-friendly plants, all while keeping budget-friendly!

Video timestamp:

00:00 My Cat Jungle Design Concept

00:42 DIY Cat Window Perch

03:33 DIY Cat Shelf Wall

06:29 Accessories

07:41 Pet-friendly Plants for Cat Jungle

08:59 Final Result & Material Cost Breakdown

Design Concept

For this project, there are 3 requirements.

  1. Shared living area for my cats and plants.

  2. Plants dont move around but my cats need Multilevel space  to sleep and play

  3. Most importantly, if the cats will be using this space then I must use  pet friendly plants

Based on these guidelines, I came up with sketches and for the past few weeks, I turned those sketches into a cat jungle. I can’t wait to take you through the entire process in this video.

Build it

Curious to see the whole journey? I've got it all on video, – the good, the messy, and the purr-fectly satisfying moments. Watch here!

Pet- Friendly Plants

With everything finally in place, it's plant time! Using  pet-friendly plant is very important for this project because my cats will be using this space.

Last year I researched more about pet-friendly plants, and can't wait to share my resources with you! If you want to learn more, then subscribe to my newsletter for a free beginners guide on cat safe plants and kickstart your collection. 

What’s included in the guide:

  • 10 Easy Cat-Safe Plants & Care Guide

  • Plant Care Sheet Template

  • Toxic & Non-Toxic Plants Resource List


The cat jungle is done (for now), and I'm excited to observe how the cats enjoy it. I plan to add more pet-friendly plants gradually, taking my time and making changes as needed. You know, I'm always tweaking and adding things along the way. If you want to see more of this corner, don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell. See you in the next video!


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