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5 Tips on Watering Houseplants for Beginners

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The first step to being a good plant parent is knowing how to water your plant. A lot of plant parents struggle with this and end up killing their plants. In this post, I'm going to give you easy tips on how to water your plant babies and how to use my water tracker to make sure you don't miss or over water your plants.

To start off, you need to know when your plants need water.

1. Good sign that you need to water your plant when the top inch of the soil is dry. You don't want to water your plants when your soil is still wet because this will lead to overwatering. Here are two easy methods on how to check your soil is:

First method : Finger test to check the soil.

Second method Chopstick test.

  • If a lot of soil is stuck it and the chopstick is really damp than it in means the soil is still wet.

  • If soil is still stuck on it, then it means the soil is moist and you can wait a day or two before watering.

  • If the chopstick comes out absolutely dry than that means its ready to be watered!

2. Check signs for signs that your plants is dehydrated like:

  • Curling of the leaves

  • Brown tips

  • Soft wrinkle leaf

  • Limp look

Once you've identified that your plant needs water then you are going to water it.

3. Make sure your pots have drainage holes. Water until the water starts coming out of the hole. The great thing about a drainage hole is that it will drain out excess water that the plant doesn't need. If you have a pot with no drainage hole then the excess water will just sit on the bottom and lead to rot root. ( Here are my favorite terracotta pots)

4. It's also important on how you water the plant. You don't want to dump the water on top. You want to slowly pour into it to make sure the soil is saturated with water. I like to use this watering can with a narrow opening.

5. Understand your plant, some need more water while some need less. Basic rule is that more succulent and thick leaves will retain more water in the leaves so it will need less watering like succulent Moonshine Snake Plants and Hoya Tricolor. Thinner leaves plant like Calathea Ornata and White Nerve plant (Fittonia) will need more watering.

Never Overwater with this Water Tracker!

Watering plants on a regular and consistent schedule can be a challenge, but with a plant journal, you can save time and energy, and ensure your plants get the hydration they need to thrive. It includes a water tracker used to log in the date you last watered your plant and give you a record on how much water your plants need, so there’s no more fear of overwatering or underwatering. So, combine your plant knowledge with a plant journal and keep your plants healthy and happy for longer. Don't forget: knowledge is power, and with a water tracker, you hold the power to ensure your plants get the water they need, when they need it.

I want your plants to thrive with my FREE plant care sheet and water tracker. Grab it here.

I will send it to you right away. Once you understand your plants needs, it will be so much easier for you to develop a watering schedule that works for you and your plant babies!

5 Tips on Watering Houseplants | How to Water Plants for Beginners

Thank you for following and supporting my plant journey! Let’s grow together 🐱💚🌱 ***These are all plant related products I buy all the time. They are amazon affiliate links which means I do earn a small percentage if you buy any of these products.

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