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Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Set up (Milsbo Wide)

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

This milsbo wide ikea cabinet was always sold out in stores so I literally sobbed when chucky surprised me with one for my birthday. This ikea green house cabinet is made using the milsbo wide cabinet. Here is my step-by-step instruction on how I turned this in to a “greenhouse” set up! Enjoy!

Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Youtube Video Timestamps

00:00 Getting the cabinet (finally!!)

03:03 Assembling the Milsbo (wide) cabinet in white

03:33 Accessories to make it a "greenhouse"

04:12 Customization & modifications to the cabinet

08:16 Price breakdown: How much was the total cost?!

Accessories list here:

09:07 Adding the PLANTS! (Plant Journal tool)

10:08 Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet Plant Tour (Next ep teaser)

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