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Are Poinsettias Toxic for Cats?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

As we trim the tree and deck the halls, there's one question on every cat owner's mind – "Are Poinsettias Toxic for Cats?" Join me in unwrapping the truth behind this classic Christmas plant and ensuring a safe holiday season for our furry companions.

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Cat playing with poinsettia. (Credit: Jay Ondreicka/Shutterstock)

Are Poinsettias Toxic for Cats?

Straight from the source – the ASPCA warns us that poinsettias can spell trouble for our feline friends. These holiday beauties contain a milky sap with diterpenoid euphorbol esters, which can cause some belly blues for our curious kitties. It's not the festive mood we had in mind for our whiskered pals.

Signs & Symptoms

Caught your cat nibbling on the seasonal centerpiece? Look out for potential symptoms like vomiting, drooling, and an upset tummy. If your furball starts acting a bit off and you suspect it munched on your poinsettias then ring up your local vet asap for a checkup.

 Fear not! I've got your back with the Free Cat-Safe Plants Guide. Ready to transform your space into a cat-friendly haven? Click that button, sign up for the newsletter, and let's make your home a safe and merry retreat for both plants and cats.

Why do Cats Eat Poinsettias?

Now, let's explore the cat mystery – why in the world does your cat decide to taste-test the holiday greenery? Cats are known for their curious nature. It could be boredom, a need for some extra fiber, or just the thrill of nibbling on something new. Understanding the 'why' is the key to creating a joyful and secure home where Christmas plants and cats coexist in harmony.


So, there you have it, fellow cat enthusiasts –  the scoop on poinsettias and your holiday-loving feline. This season, let's deck the halls with joy, keeping our furry pals safe and sound. Armed with knowledge and the Free Cat-Safe Plants Guide, you're not just a cat owner; you're the guardian of a cat-friendly sanctuary. Ready to make your home merry for both flora and fauna? Click away, sign up, and let's make this holiday season a purr-fectly safe haven for your four-legged friends!🌿😺

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