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6 Must-Have Lucky Houseplants 2023 & My Fav Plant Styling Tips

Here are my 6 must-have plants to fill our home and workplace with good luck, wealth and fortune! I will be showing you how we decorate for the new year with lucky Feng Shui plants!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this article which means I do earn a small percentage if you buy any of these products. It won’t cost you anything, but it helps me to run this site. Thank you for supporting my plant and cat journey! Let’s grow together 🐱💚🌱

Why You Need Lucky Plants for the New Year?

Lunar New Year brings celebrations and joy to me and my loved ones. It’s a time where we bond over cultural traditions and festive events. My favorite part of the lunar new year is filling our home with bright red colors and lucky feng shui plants. With the new year approaching, you'll want to welcome positive energy as much as possible. Like how you would decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments, decorate our lucky plants with blessing words and charms that symbolizes health, prosperity and good luck.

Lucky plants are a name given to a specific set of plants in feng shui known for their ability to attract things like financial success, good luck healing, or fertility. They are an excellent accessory for your home and office. According to feng shui, living plants invite the positive energy of nature into one’s space. We all know plants can be nourishing and healing; Feng Shui Plants are believed to be auspicious in different aspects of life.

Get Lucky with These 6 Plants

These are really easy beginner plants that require little care. I highly recommend if you love low maintenance plants. Take a look at the following lucky plants!

1. Bromeliad (鴻運當頭)

The Bromeliad is named after a Chinese wordplay and symbolizes that good fortune is arriving. The flowers of this plant come in many fun colors like yellow, red, and purple. The broad leaves of the plant grow around a central “cup”. The plant’s soil can be left relatively dry, but you must fill the cup shape of the Bromeliad to sufficiently water it.

2. Pussy Willow (褪色柳)

The Pussy Willow symbolizes growth and abundance. A lot of time they are sold with fuzzy buds which is associated with wealth because in Chinese, they are known as silver willow, which sounds like silver coins. Besides being sold as a live plant, this is also sold as branch cuttings.

3.Bamboo Plant (富貴竹)

Bamboo plants are very popular and are said to represent strength, resilience, and prosperity. The various number of stalks in a bamboo plant symbolizes different things. Although you can use as many stalks as you want, it is better to see which arrangement suits your goal.

You can either grow it on soil or in water. It must be kept out of direct sunlight and watered when the top layer of the soil starts to get dry.

4.Daffodils Narcissus Bulbs (水仙花)

These are also known as Water fairy flowers. The plant symbolizes wealth, prosperity and good luck, which will be perfect for you if you’re looking for New Year flowers! The sweet scent, bright color and delicate petals make Daffodils quite popular among Chinese people. They can be grow in just water, but should be repotted outdoors.

5. ZZ Plant (金錢樹)

The leaves of this plant resemble the coins that were used in ancient China. The structure of a ZZ plant looks like the coins being stringed together. The shiny leaves of the tree go from bright green to emerald green when they mature. The stem starts thick and bulbous at the base and tapers to a point on the top.

Like most money-related plants, you don’t need to put it in too high of a place. It is well suited to bright to low lighting and makes sure to water the plant only when the soil has dried out.

1. Money Tree (發財樹)

This pet-friendly tree, as evident from its name, is supposed to bring you financial success. These trees come with a distinctive leaf pattern that looks like a hand or an umbrella. The braided trunk is said to be able to trap fortune within its folds, and it is usually good luck to have 6 leaves on the plant. You can place the plant on any desk that is not too high or low, where it can get bright but indirect light. Keep the air humidity high around the plant.

For my full list of lucky plants, click this link for live houseplants available on Amazon.

Lucky Plant Video: How to Decorate Lucky Plants

Video Timestamp: 00:00 Lucky Plants & Decoration Shopping Haul 04:12 Bromeliad symbolizes that good fortune is arriving. 05:55 Willow symbolizes growth and abundance 09:10 Lucky bamboo represent strength, resilience, and prosperity. 13:20 Narcissus represents new beginnings, renewal, optimism, and self-love. 15:07 ZZ Plants symbolizes wealth and money 18:08 Money tree also symbolizes wealth and money 21:06 Decorating for Good Luck, Wealth And Fortune 21:45 Mystery gift from YOUTUBE?! 22:32 Happy New year!!


With lucky plants, the most important thing is their location as it will boost positive energy. A lucky plant can definitely increase the positive energy in your home and within yourself. With a vast selection of lucky plants, you can ensure there is a perfect plant out there for you!

Hope these plants give you luck for the new year! Leave a comment if you have any unanswered questions. I'll try my best to answer them.

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