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Blink and Wink Meowdel

"Planty Meowdel" - April 2021

Cat's Name: Tiger

Location of The Feline Jungle: Hong Kong

Instagram: @theweekend_blooms


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

Hello from Hong Kong! I love flowers and lately got hooked on houseplants too. I have been growing various plants in my garden, and this is also where my cat - Tiger likes to hang out. He can sit there for hours, looking at birds, taking a nap or simply enjoying his cat life. I feel fortunate that we have such space to relax and unwind, and I hope to share more positivity through images of my plants and Tiger.


What's your planty meowdel's favorite pose?

Honestly, Tiger is VERY "camera shy" and doesn't enjoy being in front of the lens! He could do lots of interesting poses, as long as he is not looking straight into the camera (anyone shares the same experience?) I feel lucky with this one that at least I get the plant (a leaf) and Tiger in the same frame! ; )

They say "try and fail, but never fail to try", and this pretty much sums up my thoughts on plants, as well as Tiger's meowdel posing!


A Little bit more @theweekend_blooms

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