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Matcha - Cat “Gardener” in Training

"My Feline Jungle" - May 2021

Cat's Name: Match

Location of The Feline Jungle: Manila, Philippines

Instagram: @Trisbarretto


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

I got into plants November of last year. I started with two little peperomias and it has basically snowballed to close to 100 plants since. Now, I’m into propagating my plants so I can share it with friends. As my plants grow and multiply our home has become more warm and inviting.

Matcha came into my life January of this year as a little kitten. We bonded almost immediately. Even my older cat fell in love with him right away. They both love following me around the house as I do my plant chores. I always catch my cats sleeping next to my plants. It always brings a smile to my face to see my plant hobby and my fur babies getting along nicely.


What about your Feline Jungle sparks the most joy?

There are two things that spark the most joy for me currently. First of all, it’s seeing my plants put out new growth. It honestly makes me so happy when I see a new leaf unfurling. Secondly, I love propagating my plants and sharing it with friends or trading it for another plant in my local plant loving community.


A Little bit more @Trisbarretto

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