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"My Feline Jungle" - May 2021

Cat's Name: Mieuti

Location of The Feline Jungle: Belgium

Instagram: @plantboy_y

Cat Owner: Émile


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

I am a young college student who had to stop studying abroad during the pandemic and that was a real set back but through plants and gardening, I found a new form of happiness which helped me get through this rough patch. Cats have sparked joy in my life ever since I was born and they have been faithful loving and caring companions that I couldn’t see myself living without. My cats always love following me around in my garden indoor and outdoor and they thankfully don’t bite anything. I truly think Cats are a humans best friend if you get to know them!


What about your Feline Jungle sparks the most joy?

For me seeing each plant grow and evolve is what sparks the most joy. I see each of my plant as an ever changing project and I love to see them improve thanks to my care and all the tips I learn from the houseplant community online.


A Little bit more @plantboy_y

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