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Sunnin' with a Snake Plant

"Planty Meowdel" - April 2021

Cat's Name: Logan

Location of The Feline Jungle: New England, USA

Instagram: @logan_the_tabby

Cat Owner: Kait


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

The perfect habitat for little Logan happens to be a jungle. He loves to sit in the sun next to a Ficus or hop into the bathtub to help water the Monstera.  Logan joined our jungle in April 2019.  He's slowly learned how to live with and respect the plants around him - that Dracaena marginata are not for climbing and if he bats at at a dangling pothos arm he soon won't have any pothos left.  😅 Now he inspects every new plant and accepts it graciously into our planty feline family!


What's your planty meowdel's favorite pose?

Logan's favorite pose is relaxed and looking aloof as if he is unaware of how handsome he is.


A Little bit more@logan_the_tabby

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