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Five Pet-Friendly Houseplants for Cat Parents

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

As a cat and plant parent, I'm more conscious of cat safe plants! I will be sharing some Calathea, Hoya, Peperomia, Orchid and Pilea in my houseplant collection. There are MANY more pet-friendly plants out there, which one is your favorite?

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Characteristic: Waxy leaves and stems that will start to trail down as it gets bigger. Hoyas are known for their candy-like flower clusters.

Water: Due to the wax and tough leaves, they can tolerate underwater and different kinds of sunlight .

Light condition: They like bright sunlight south or west facing windows. You can tell when you need to water because their leaves will be soft or wrinkly.

Common Hoyas: \ Hoya Carnosas and the Hoya Compacta (Hindu rope)


Characteristic: Compact, small leaves that may be textured or smooth.

Water: water depends on the plants. Generally thick leaves means less water and thinner leaves means more water.

Light condition: Medium to Low light. Direct sunlight will burn the leave and fade their colors.

Common Peperomias: Watermelon Peperomia and the Peperomia Frost.


Characteristic: round succulent leaves that look like pancakes!

Water: Only water when the leaves become droopy. The most problems I encountered is due to overwatering.

Light condition: Bright indirect light. Pileas will elongate and stretch towards the light if there is not enough light.


Characteristic: flowering plants, with blooms that are often colorful and fragrant!

Water: the water schedule for orchids depends heavily for

Light condition: Bright indirect light

Where to buy: Moth Orchids


Characteristic: Striking patterns on the leaves

Water: Water when the leaves curl up.

Light condition: Low Light. Direct sunlight will burn the leave and fade their colors.

Common Calatheas: Rattlesnake Calatheas and Makoyan Calatheas

Creating a cat-friendly jungle is easier than you think!

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