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I am Jungle Cat, Hear Me Roar

"My Feline Jungle" - May 2021

Cat's Name: Ivy

Location of The Feline Jungle: Iowa

Cat Owner: Haley


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

I hope that people see my account as living proof that cats and plants can coexist! When I first got Ivy I was so afraid that I would have to get rid of all my plants, but I quickly figured out how Ivy liked to interact with the plants and then adjusted from there. I have some plants grouped close together on carts, some hanging high out of reach, some locked away in my bedroom that she can’t access. It’s all about troubleshooting and finding a system that works for you and your cat. Don’t be afraid to live your feline jungle dreams!


What about your Feline Jungle sparks the most joy?

My favorite thing about my feline jungle is knowing that Ivy loves the plants just as much as I do—she just loves them in a different way 😂 I want to make them happy and well-nourished and keep pests from their leaves. Ivy wants to dig in their soil and bat at their leaves. In our own ways, we both love living our lives surrounded by plants in this jungle apartment!


A Little bit more @ivyamongtheplants

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