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"Jungle Cat" - March 2021

Cat's Name: Oliver

Location of The Feline Jungle: Iowa

Instagram: @ikeepcirclegreen

Cat Owner: Angie


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

I started collecting air plants about 2 years ago and that lead me to start “collecting” a home full of plants. I have been a houseplant parent for a little over a year. Oliver has been a champ with all the plant obstacles he need to go through. He does however knock over plants in my bedroom in the middle of the night to wake me for a treat! But besides that😹 He is great with them.


What inspired you to create a indoor Jungle?

I needed to find a hobby to help with anxiety and depression. This has been a blessing changing my focus and keeping busy caring for my plants. It makes me happy to see all the changes plants make. Sometimes not for the good 😌 But that’s what happens in plant parenthood.


A Little bit more @ikeepcirclegreen

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