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Pipa’s Caladiums

"Jungle Cat" - March 2021

Cat's Name: Pipa

Location of The Feline Jungle: Belgium

Instagram: @Greenplantmom

Cat Owner: Kelly


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

Pipa our indoor jungle cat we got from the shelter a few years ago, since then she completes our indoor jungle. Plants complete our home and make everything a lot cozier, over the years they have become much more than just a hobby. My focus now is mainly on educating people in keeping plants & having fun with them.


What inspired you to create a indoor Jungle?

I've always had plants, it became more and more when I had to miss my boyfriend for longer periods of time (deployment for his work). I sought comfort and companionship in the plants, he gave me the idea to start 'greenplantmom' as an instagram & when we bought our own apartment it really became a jungle. Nothing nicer than being able to share your hobby with like-minded people, it flowed into making and keeping a blog & so much more.. Now my master thesis is now also about plants ;)


A Little bit more @Greenplantmom

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