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Simba in the Hutan

"Jungle Cat" - March 2021

Cat's Name: Simba

Location of The Feline Jungle: Brunei

Instagram: @inthehutan


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

I'm a perpetual hobbyist and have stopped and started many a project or hobby which for the most part never really "finish". Becoming a cat mom and a plant mom have been my constant in the chaos! My love for both has no bounds and they really enrich my life.


What inspired you to create a indoor Jungle?

I've always loved plants and greenery but never really had the guts to start collecting and making an indoor jungle. As fate would have it, I ended up meeting the most wonderful man (plant dad!) who not only has a green thumb but runs a farm and together we started building our indoor jungle! We have so many ideas on what our ideal indoor jungle would be like and we love the idea that our plants will grow with us - so it really is our little labour of love.


A Little bit more @inthehutan

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