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"Planty Meowdel" - April 2021

Cat's Name: Wilma

Location of The Feline Jungle: Sweden

Instagram: @hemmaibyn

Cat Owner: Linn


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

Wilma (the cat), my dog Jaffa, my man and I live in the countryside of Sweden. Ever since we bought our house last summer, plant has been like an addiction. My cat Wilma and I like to go around the house and admire our plants.


What's your planty meowdel's favorite pose?

She loves to hang over my shoulder like in my profile picture on Instagram. She is an old lady now but when she was a kitten, her mommy died when she was only 2 days old, so I have taken care of her as my own, she doesn’t even know that she is a cat.


A Little bit more @mrbiscuitbob

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