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Babycat in his home office jungle

"Jungle Cat" - March 2021

Cat's Name: Baby

Location of The Feline Jungle: Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Instagram: @nikkisjungle

Cat Owner: Nikki


A Little bit about the Feline Jungle

I am a tropical girl living in a cold world in Canada; my feline jungle is my way of bringing the warm tropical vibes into my home as a personal paradise. My little cat Baby is a tiny lion who participates in all my plant ventures, and never bothers my plants other than inspecting them upon arrival! He is the ultimate plant buddy.


What inspired you to create a indoor Jungle?

I have a love for everything natural and a passion for interior decorating. I enjoy combining plants with nature inspired, tropical, and bohemian decor. It is a fun challenge to find placements for my plants that allow them to both thrive and look spectacular. I have loved the feeling of enabling my plants and gardens to grow to their full potential ever since my mom taught me to grow plants as a child. Plant collecting runs in my family, both my grandmothers in South Africa had immense gardens! I am inspired by my roots in Africa to keep surrounding myself with a tropical garden oasis inside, even in the dead of winter.


A Little bit more @nikkisjungle

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