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The Best Plant Humidifiers For Your Indoor Garden

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Taking care of my new plants seemed simple enough: just give them more humidity, right? Tropical indoor houseplants need at least a humidity range of 50% to 60%. Problem is that winter is coming! During my first winter of being a plant parent, I had many casualties caused by lack of humidity. They started to develop brown tips and crispy leaves. Often, humidity is removed from the air due to heating and cooling systems. In fact, my humidity level dropped to 10% due to the heaters being turned on in the winter!!

Humidifiers are fastest and easiest way to increase the humidity level in your space. The two humidifiers that helped my plants survive the winter are from Elechomes and Wiekurts. Read more to decide which one you need!

Humidifiers for Indoor Plants | How to Keep your Tropical Plants Happy

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. When you click these links and make a purchase, I may get a small commission. It won’t cost you anything, but it helps me to run this site. Thank you for supporting my plant and cat journey! Let’s grow together 🐱💚🌱

This Elechomes humidifier comes with a range of settings, including mist level, humidity level, heating, and cooling. These can be controlled via remote control or via settings on the device itself. Although it is quite big, it is because of its large water tank. This humidifier is perfect for larger spaces up to 860 ft². I like how it can last up to 72 hours without refilling again. Click here to get your own on Amazon for $99.99.

Important Features

  1. Two direct nozzles give me complete control over the direction of the mist.

  2. At a humidity level of 60%-70%, the water capacity lasts two to three days without refilling.

  3. Not only does it give a sound alert when the water level is low, but it also has a Waterless Auto-off, which can eliminate hazards.

  4. It has a Quiet Mode and an essential oil diffuser.

Humidifiers for Indoor Plants Increase Humidity for houseplants

Although the Wiekurt Humidifier comes with a wide range of options like the Elechomes one, it lacks heating and cooling options. It has a 5-liter capacity and comes with a Quiet Mode, Waterless Auto-Off, and an essential oils diffuser. Its small and sleek design makes it suitable for placing anywhere, especially on higher shelves. But it does not have a rotating nozzle, so I usually put it on the top shelf so the mist flows downwards toward the plants below. Currently it is out of stock, but I found a similar one for you here for $136.80.

Important Features:

  1. Sleek, transparent, and compact design that is easily transportable

  2. UV light mode, which purifies the water

  3. Waterless Auto-Off mode keeps the humidifier from damage.

Humidifiers for Indoor Plants Increase Humidity for houseplants


I like the rotating nozzle, the heating, cooling effects, and the large tank provided with the Elechomes humidifier. It is also large and is best suited at a corner from where I can control the mist of the entire area. On the other hand, I like the Wiekurt due to its sleek design, small size, and portability. Hope this helps you decide what humidifier to get for your plants!

Humidifiers for Indoor Plants Increase Humidity for houseplants

Check out this video for more tips on how to increase humidity for houseplants

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