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Brie and her Friends

"Plant Fur-endly Cat" - February 2021

Cat's Name: Brie

Location of The Feline Jungle: Longwood, Florida

Instagram: @omunck

Cat Owner: Hayley


A Little bit about Hayley's Feline Jungle

Brie is three years old and is even more excited than I am when a new plant comes into our house. She doesn’t eat the plants but insists on rubbing her fur on all of them. I’ve started including my plants in my weekly vacuuming because of this.


What's your favorite moment in your Feline Jungle?

I just love sitting with Brie and the plants. Watching her admire them and find new spots to lay near them. and watching her judge me when I accidentally over or underwater them.


A Little bit more Hayley @omunck

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