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Best Brooklyn NYC Plant Shop Guide

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

There's been an explosion of plant shops in Brooklyn. Williamsburg is the hot spot for plant parents to get all their Wishlist plants and uncommon plants. The best part is that these plant shops are all walking distance from each other! This plant guide will show you plant shops you must see in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Don't be fooled by the front of this hardware store. There is a garden center in the back that is absolutely beautiful (not to mention there is a pig named Franklin). There is a wide selection of plants for an affordable price. I got myself a variegated Opuntia, which I've been trying to find for a while. You haven't been to Crest if you didn't take a Instagram-worthy photo in the greenhouse!

This garden center has house plants and outdoor plants. If you're lucky, you can snatch one of the Pink Princess Philodendrons that is a highly sought-after plant. I like the layout of the space where you can meander through the different section of flowering plants, perennials, and tropical plants!

An artsy plant shop that focuses on easy-to-maintain and unusual plants that can’t be found at a your regular big box store. ***Unfortunately due to the pandemic, this store was forced to close down in 2020.

Creative design and plant shop that carries a lot of uncommon and arid plants. These is an arid room just for there desert plant collection. Here you will find the "booby cactus" which is a rare plant you won't find any where else!

Visitors are wowed by a statement living green wall as you walk in. This is truly an experience! They carry a selection of rare plants at a reasonable price. Some times they will do plant sales on their instagram story. Don't forget to take a instagram-worthy spots like the hanging chair plant corner.

Plant Guide - Recommended Route

A. Crest > B. Chelsea Garden Center > C. Sprout Home> D. Tula House >E. Greenery Unlimited

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