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"Plant Fur-endly Cat" - February 2021

Cat's Name: Coco

Location of The Feline Jungle: The Netherlands

Instagram: @Plantladygaby

Cat Owner: Gaby


A Little bit about Gaby's Feline Jungle

Hello there! My name is Gaby and together with my cat Coco we live in a little indoor jungle. Coco is always by my side when I need to do some repotting, water the plants or anything plant related. He is really shy, thats why he likes my plants so much. Then its only me, Coco, the plants and nothing else.


What's your favorite moment in your Feline Jungle?

My favorite moment in my Feline Jungle is caring for my plants with Coco by my side. Thankfully he doesn't attack, chew or knock over my plants. The only thing he does is drink all the water from the saucers when I water my plants... I think he doesn't understand that the water is meant for the plants, not for him. At least he tries to help and do his part!


A Little bit more Gaby @Plantladygaby

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