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Checking for Bugs

"The Plant Inspector" - July 2020

Cat's Name: Noet

Location of The Feline Jungle: Netherlands

Instagram: @bladgrunn


A Little bit about Nathalie's Feline Jungle

I live on 50 square meters with my boyfriend, two cats and a few more plants than I'd like to admit. For as long as I can remember I collected plants and seeds, even as a kid my pockets were always full of seeds and berries that I found in the wild. After I moved into an apartment that only had a small roof terrace I started to focus more on houseplants instead of garden plants and that has slightly escalated. My home is now a true jungle that is mostly filled with Araceae, specifically Alocasia, Caladium, Monstera and philodendron. When it comes to these genera I tend to have the "gotta catch 'em all" mentality. It's an impossible mission but you can always dream, right?


Describe your "Plant Inspector"

Noet and her brother Fido are always super curious. When I'm watering or repotting plants they're often sitting near me, watching what I'm doing. I also always have to take my new plants out of the bag immediately when I bring them home, otherwise my cats will jump into the bag and damage the plants. So when I found out that my manihot grahamii had opened its flowers and I put it on the dining table to make pictures, the cats wanted to inspect the plant as well! Fido always loves posing in front of the camera and often looks into my lens, but Noet continued sniffing out the plant as a true plant inspector. I guess it's just as in every group project: there's always on person/cat who has to do most of the hard work.


A Little bit more Noet and @Bladgrunn

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