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Christmas: a Cat's Heaven

"Meowy Catmas Tree" - December 2020

Cat's Name: Polvere (dust in english!)

Location of The Feline Jungle: Milan, Italy

Instagram: @leverdine

Cat's Owner: Ludovica


A Little bit about Ludovica's Feline Jungle

Polvere - that we name Popa - is one of my two gray cat (the other one is Fuliggine, Bubu). She is a cat with a personality that I can relate to a dog: she is quite clumsy, she likes obeying "sit" and playing fetch, she is not a picky eater at all (she eats EVERYTHING). But above all she loves Christmas time and in a special way our Christmas tree, that she climbs letting fall down all the decorations - I think a classic for every cat's parent!


How are you spending Cat-mas this year?!

Trying to keep our Christmas tree safe, cuddling in warm blankets, eating lots of Pandoro e Panettone (typical Italian Christmas dessert) and staying at home safe and sound!


A Little bit more Ludovica @leverdine

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