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Cooper and Calathea

"Cat Fur-endly Plants" - January 2021

Cat's Name: Cooper

Location of The Feline Jungle: Detroit, Michigan

Cat Owner: Cecilia


A Little bit about Cecilia's Feline Jungle

I am a plant lover, animal lover, and biologist from Michigan. I have two cats, Cooper and Calvin that live among my 100+ plants, and luckily they don't bother them. I trained them as kittens to stay away from them and focus their attention on toys. I believe that anyone can have pets and plants living in harmony, it just takes a little training and patience! When I bring a new plant home, they usually have to sniff it, and then they don't care about it.


What's your favorite pet-friendly plant? What's a pet-friendly plant you wish to have?

My favorite pet-friendly plants are Calatheas and Marantas - there are so many beautiful colors and patterns.

I want to add more Palms to my plant collection - they are so tropical and beautiful, not to mention pet-friendly!


A Little bit more Cooper and @ThePlantLadyCecilia

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