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Daryl + Adansonii Bikini

"Planty Fashion" - August 2020

Cat's Name: Daryl

Location of The Feline Jungle: Houston, Texas

Cat's Owner: Hannah


A Little bit about Daryl's Feline Jungle

I started collecting plants around 2 years ago, but have recently gotten much more into it! I do own some plants that aren't safe for animals so most of my plants are kept in my bedroom, but I'm totally fine with that as it's literally the most calming and serene sleep environment. My older sister and I own two rescue cats and a lil shihtzu. Daryl is the biggest crybaby I've ever met (such a momma's boy) and loves to flip on his back like that in what we call his "diaper pose". He was on the euthanasia list 7 years ago as a tiny 4 wk old kitten as his mom was a feral street cat and even though he was so young he was MEAN! I cannot believe how much he's changed into the derpiest, most beautiful baby boy. My little jungle is what keeps me sane. It's the only hobby I've ever felt true joy from, and I can't wait to grow my collection and hopefully breed some Aroids in the future!


What inspired your "Planty Fashion"?

I was thinking of ways to get Daryl to pose with my plants when he flopped onto my bed and did his signature "diaper pose". Ive also been experimenting with propagation so I quickly grabbed some Adansonii clippings and made his lil ball bikini 😂

Disclaimer: he does not have real balls #spayandneuterplease


A Little bit more Daryl and @the_humble_jungalow

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