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Falk the Sleeping Lion

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - September 2020

Cat's Name: Falk

Location of The Feline Jungle: Denmark

Instagram: @nicoplants

Cat Owner: Nicoline


A Little bit about Falk's Feline Jungle

Falk is indeed the King of the Jungle (even though his nickname is ‘prince’) cause he lives among more than one hundred tropical plants AND has the confidence of a lion although he's just a small boy. His mama is one crazy plant lady and she likes to spend her time taking care and pictures of her plants. Falk usually distracts her with his unbelievable cuteness, a greeting meow and desire to kiss and cuddle so the pictures mostly end up of him.


Where does your "lion" like to sleep and describe your photo!

You know how exhausting it is to be cute all day so sometimes you fall asleep while you're still standing upright.

Falk likes to be just as comfy as a true king so he likes to sleep on a soft bed or couch while he lies completely outstretched on his back. When he's real comfortable he makes all these cozy grunts or a cute 'surprise sound' when he wakes up. If you have trouble finding Falk, you can just go after the sounds or put whatever piece of fabric on any surface and he will magically appear on it having a nap. He likes to sleep on your lap or in an embrace if you have trouble falling asleep at night. You might also find him on one of your wardrobe shelves with your clothing on the floor after he has jumped up there.


A Little bit more Falk and @nicoplants

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