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Fast Growing CATcus

The Purr-fect Plant" - June 2020

Cat's Name: Luca

Owners: Ariel and Dan

Location of The Feline Jungle: Seattle, Washington


A Little bit about Ariel's Feline Jungle

My name is Ariel, and I'm a plant mom from Seattle, Washington. I've had a growing interest in plants for a handful of years now, and since moving to my apartment in the city, I've more than doubled the size of my plant collection. My plants bring me peace, and they are an amazing form of self-care. My partner and I recently adopted two Russian Blue kittens, and they are the purr-fect addition to our feline jungle. Luca is the calmer one, who will happily sit still for any photo, while Alexi, loves to run around and explore his world.


The trick to become "The Purr-fect Plant"

I think I am pretty lucky that Luca doesn't mind sitting still for photos, and while he's a curious kitten, he's very trusting and listens when I tell him to stop, and doesn't try to chew on too much foliage (thank goodness). I just try to make sure he's comfortable and that he's not feeling too pressured. His brother on the other hand...well, I just try to snap a photo as fast as possible, because he doesn't sit in one spot for too long!


A Little bit more Ariel and @GrowingandGrowing

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