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Feline Festive this Pawliday Season

"Meowy Catmas Tree" - December 2020

Cat's Name: Agave

Location of The Feline Jungle: San Diego, CA

Instagram: @agavethekitty

Cat Owner: Alex & Tyler


A Little bit about Alex's Feline Jungle

Agave became part of our family in Nov 2019. We adopted him from the San Diego Humane Society after meeting him at the home of his foster mom, who was Alex's co-worker. Agave was the perfect feline to add to our jungle! He is curious, but not so much that he has destroyed all of our plants! One of Agave's favorite games is hide and go seek. Some of the best hiding places are behind the plants (the Christmas tree is no exception)! We especially love how the green of our plants bring out the green in his eyes.


How are you spending Cat-mas this year?!

Agave will be joining us in Phoenix, Arizona with Alex's family. This will be Agave's third time hanging with his poodle relative Kramer! They get along well!


A Little bit more Agave @agavethekitty

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