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Frankenstein & the Spooky Crew

"Pumpkin Meowment" - October 2020

Cat's Name: Fancy Smashing

Location of The Feline Jungle: San Francisco, USA

Cat's Owner: Aimee


A Little bit about Aimee's Feline Jungle

Fancy (or Frankenstein during the Halloween season) has been in my life since 2014. She makes me laugh, gives me dirty looks when I cry, and is my assistant as I make my way through vet tech school. She would love if I had more of a "home jungle", especially Boston Ferns (which she loves to paw at the branches, eat the dried dead leaves that fall off, and then vomit back up 30 seconds later), but plants do not mix well with her environmental allergies.


In honor of Halloween, what is spookiest thing about your cat(s)?

Pretty sure she hallucinates mice...usually at 2am...

She also likes to hunt & catch socks and is very proud to let everyone know that she did.


A Little bit more Aimee and @adelucchi @Fancysmashing

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