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Ginny and her Fuchsia

"The Plant Inspector" - July 2020

Cat's Name: Ginerva (Ginny)

Location of The Feline Jungle: Louisville, KY

Instagram: @Ginervasjungle


A Little bit about Ginerva's Feline Jungle

Ginny is a 4 yr old tabby who has grown up surrounded by houseplants thanks to her dad. She helps inspect each new plant when she gets the chance.


Describe your "Plant Inspector"

Because Ginny likes to smell (and usually taste) most plants they are often on shelves out of reach. Each time she gets the chance to interact with a new one, she gets very excited. The fuchsia was extra fun because the flowers were essentially little toys to bat around.


A Little bit more Ginerva and @Ginervasjungle

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