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Hakuna Meowtata

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - September 2020

Cat's Name: Winter

Location of The Feline Jungle: Manila, Philippines

Instagram: @kat___reyes

Cat's Owner: Kat & Pao Reyes


A Little bit about Winter's Feline Jungle

Hi! We're a couple living in Manila, Philippines with our 2 adorable cats and around 30 indoor plants. The cat in the photo is Winter, a 2 year old female Persian who grew around plants. Ever since she was a kitten she loves to nibble and hang around plants specially during nap time.


Where does your "lion" like to sleep and describe your photo!

Winter likes to sleep in shaded areas where she can be unbothered. We were rearranging plants when we noticed that she had slept beside the wooden plant rack we recently bought.


A Little bit more Winter and @kat___reyes

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