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Halloween Boris

"Pumpkin Meowment" - October 2020

Cat's Name: Boris

Location of The Feline Jungle: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cat's Owner: Bridget


A Little bit about Bridget's Feline Jungle

My name is Bridget Sullivan, and I'm an artist, aerialist, indoor gardener and crazy cat lady. I love styling my growing collection of plants with pots and containers that I find at thrift stores. My kitty Boris is a two year old Russian Blue. He's my constant companion!


In honor of Halloween, what is spookiest thing about your cat(s)?

Boris defies the laws of gravity! He has a magical ability to balance on me in even the trickiest yoga poses. Our unconventional yoga practice was featured earlier this year in the Cat Video Fest, which was shown in theatres all over the country.


A Little bit more Boris and @Thebridgetshow

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