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In Bloom

"Plant Fur-endly Cat" - February 2021

Cat's Name: Shiro

Location of The Feline Jungle: Poland (currently living in Spain)

Cat Owner: Kasia


A Little bit about Kasia's Feline Jungle

I adopted Shiro two years ago when I already had quite a few plants. Luckily, I didn’t have to get rid of any of them because Shiro turned out to be an easy-going cat with almost no interest in plants. Since then, my plant collection kept growing and growing. We live in Madrid in a small attic apartment with a sunny terrace. I’m now struggling to fit more flora in, I think it’s time to move to a bigger house!;)


What's your favorite moment in your Feline Jungle?

I really like the moment of watering the plants, whith Shiro following me everywhere. He even climbs on the step stool with me when I try to reach the hanging plants. It's one of our little weekly rituals.


A Little bit more Kasia @shiro_inthejungle

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