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Ivy Among the Plants

The Purr-fect Plant" - June 2020

Cat's Name: Ivy

Owners: Haley

Location of The Feline Jungle: Iowa, USA


A Little bit about Haley's and Ivy's Feline Jungle

My name is Haley and I'm a medical student with a bad habit of spending my federal loans on houseplants. I started my plant collection a little over a year ago and it quickly grew out of control. I now have somewhere around 50-60 plants. The plants came first and then came my beautiful cat, Ivy. Thankfully, Ivy likes to terrorize the plants more than she likes to eat them. When I first brought Ivy home, I was worried that I would have to get rid of my plants to keep her safe. Luckily, they have co-existed quite peacefully and I hope with my account I can show people that a house can hold both cats and plants!


The trick to become "The Purr-fect Plant"

I mostly have to be always ready to whip out my camera quickly if she does something cute with the plants. I also make a lot of really embarrassing noises and movements to get her to look at me/the camera that I'm glad nobody is around to witness.


A Little bit more Ivy and @ivyamongtheplants

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