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Just a Bunch of Pumpkins

"Pumpkin Meowment" - October 2020

Cat's Name: Wendy

Location of The Feline Jungle: Utah, USA

Cat's Owner: Lindsay


A Little bit about Lindsay's Feline Jungle

Three cats is the perfect number of cats! Having two that got along was a life-long dream of mine—but three is perfect! Wendy (pictured) was the first. I didn’t think I could keep her (due to allergies), but my doctor approved it! She went from foster, to keeper in a matter of days. The community cats we fed always interested her, so we adopted her a brother, Baek Seung Jo. He’s so chill, and forgiving, but it turns out she’s afraid of kittens. 3 years in, they groom each other, and play; but it was obvious—after fostering kittens—Seung Jo would appreciate A cat who wanted more connection with him. A few months ago, we adopted Blythe, and they hit it off!

All cats are lovely and wonderful. I would like to plug that rescue cats aren’t lacking in any way—they’ve just had a less fortunate start in life. Our three rescues are family, and we adore them!

Everywhere you go in our house, you’ve got plants + cats. I love it.


In honor of Halloween, what is spookiest thing about your cat(s)?

As a collective, the boys (Both black fur) just look spooky, especially in the dark, which is delightful. It’s super lame, but the spookiest thing about Wendy is her sneezes! She has chronic respiratory issues, and sometimes the things she sneezes out are terrifying. Think it’s cute to have your cat sniff the edge of your bowl? Or sit on you in the morning before being fed? In this house, those things make us feel spooked, as you never know if you’ll get out cleanly.


A Little bit more Wendy and @threefamilars @lindsgreener

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