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Karamel’s Delicious Deliciosa

"Plant Fur-endly Cat" - February 2021

Cat's Name: Karamel & Safari

Location of The Feline Jungle: Antwerp, Belgium


Cat Owner: Laura


A Little bit about Laura's Feline Jungle

Me and my two cats Safari and Karamel are living in a house with over 150 plants. Safari just chills all day every day not like Karamel who loves my plants as much as I do. He just has a different way of showing that.


What's your favorite moment in your Feline Jungle?

Whenever i’m doing something with my plants (like watering, cleaning or rearranging) Karamel is there to ‘help me out’. I really can’t stop laughing when he gets a leaf that has fallen of a plant and starts running trough the house so that I can’t take it from him.


A Little bit more Laura

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