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Kraxos in a pot

"Cat vs. Plant" - November 2020

Cat's Name: Kraxos

Location of The Feline Jungle: Sweden

Instagram: @Osterloh


A Little bit about @Osterloh's Feline Jungle

Kraxos and his sister Melis came back with us to Sweden from Crete where my son had rescued them. At home, the two Bengals were waiting, and so was the dark, cold climate. I felt I had to make my own summer indoors, in other words get a lot of plants and lamps. My indoor jungle project is coming along as well as it can with the help of four more or less botanically interested felines. As you can see, we all enjoy it!


What's your most memorable cat vs plant moment?

This moment is most memorable because Kraxos is so happy in the pot!


A Little bit more @Osterloh

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