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Kylo the Meownstera Inspector

The "Plant Inspector" - July 2020

Cat's Name: Kylo

Owners: Melanie and Sebastian Bosi

Location of The Feline Jungle: Los Angeles, California, USA


A Little bit about Kylo's Feline Jungle

I am a plant-obsessed, cat-loving. speech-language pathologist and part-time photographer. My husband Sebastian and I live in our little Los Angeles jungle with our two 4-month old kittens, Kylo and Hux- who are two re-united, rambunctious brothers. We are an adventure-loving family. We adore our boys and can't imagine life without these sweethearts.


Describe your "Plant Inspector"

Kylo is the most curious, sweet kitten you will ever meet. He is the perfect mix of cuddly and playful. He loves to carefully inspect every new plant I bring home and he enjoys sunbathing with them next to our large window. Kylo has an adventurous spirit and loves long drives. He walks on a leash and people routinely stop us to ask if they can snap a picture or a video. And Kylo lives for the attention! He is the best, most patient model!


A Little bit more Kylo and @thestarkillercats

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