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Kylo the "Purr-fect Plant"

The Purr-fect Plant" - June 2020

Cat's Name: Kylo

Owners: Melanie and Sebastian Bosi

Location of The Feline Jungle: Los Angeles, California, USA

Instagram: @helloo_kylo


A Little bit about Kylo's Feline Jungle

I am a plant-obsessed, cat-loving speech-language pathologist and part-time photographer. My husband Sebastian and I live in our little Los Angeles jungle with our 4-month old kitten, Kylo. We are an adventure-loving family and are on a mission to visit all 61 national parks. So far, we have done Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Joshua Tree, Zion, and the Grand Canyon (which was Kylo’s first national park adventure!).


The trick to become "The Purr-fect Plant"

Treats, lots of patience, and a ton of love are key haha! Kylo is a sweet kitty, but he does occasionally love to terrorize our houseplants. We set healthy boundaries and have gotten our plant-loving kitty his own "Cat Plants" which has really helped. He is still curious about the forbidden plants-especially all that dirt haha, but he is a smart kitty and is quickly learning not to dig up the plants or eat them. He really is the best though and in our opinion, the most "purr-fect" plant


A Little bit more Kylo and @helloo_kylo

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