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Meowstera Hat Fashion

"Planty Fashion" - August 2020

Cat's Name: Carl and Frankie

Location of The Feline Jungle: Provo, Utah, (cat dad - Sweden), living in NL

Cat's Owner: Auguste (and Joel)


A Little bit about Carl and Frankie's Feline Jungle

I am a freelance photographer from Lithuania. I’ve been a huge fan of cats since I was a child. I used to collect little cat statues until I got tired of it, since that's all i ended up getting on my birthdays :D

Some time ago I got interested in plants, but I was so nervous that my cats would munch on them and get poisoned so I kept a couple of plants on top of a shelf where they couldn’t reach them. One day I’ve decided to introduce them to some safe plants and I realized that they don’t want to munch on them. That’s how the plant madness started and in a month or two, I went from 6 plants to 66. Right now both of my cats love all the plants and they often sleep or sit next to them. Frankie usually sleeps under them (like in the jungle).


What inspired your "Planty Fashion"?

Carl and Frankie usually follow all the latest fashion trends :D They've been working on their new Meowstera Fashion line and we thought that it was a great time to launch their new collection :D


A Little bit more Carl & Frankie and @cark_and_frankie

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