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My Planty Nap

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - September 2020

Cat's Name: Kenzo and Sauron

Location of The Feline Jungle: The Netherlands

Instagram: @sylvasjungle

Cat's Owner: Sylva


A Little bit about Kenzo's and Sauron's Feline Jungle

I have around 110 plants in my apartment, so I think I rightly call it a jungle. Sauron is 4 and is not interested in the plants at all, he just blends in haha. Kenzo is 4 months so at least every week one plant dies because of his practices.


Where does your "lion" like to sleep and describe your photo!

Kenzo loves to look out the window, that's what he was doing in this picture until he fell asleep. Another favorite sleeping spot is my lap, preferably lying on his back 😅.


A Little bit more Kenzo, Sauron and @sylvasjungle

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