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Noet Is A Golden Dragon Too

"The Purr-fect Plant" - June 2020

Cat's Name: Noet

Location of The Feline Jungle: Netherlands

Instagram: @bladgrunn


A Little bit about Noet's Feline Jungle

I live on 50 square meters with my boyfriend, two cats and a few more plants than I'd like to admit. For as long as I can remember I collected plants and seeds, even as a kid my pockets were always full of seeds and berries that I found in the wild. After I moved into an apartment that only had a small roof terrace I started to focus more on houseplants instead of garden plants and that has slightly escalated. My home is now a true jungle that is mostly filled with Araceae, specifically Alocasia, Caladium, Monstera and philodendron. When it comes to these genera I tend to have the "gotta catch 'em all" mentality. It's an impossible mission but you can always dream, right?


The trick to become "The Purr-fect Plant"

The philodendron golden dragon has a very cool leaf shape. Especially the lobes on top of the leaves stand out. They actually look a bit like cat ears if you ask me. I decided to turn the biggest leaf of plant my towards the camera. Since Noet is quite a small cat that leaf is almost as big as she is. In the pose she takes on in this picture she therefore has almost the exact same shape and size as the leaf. Her tiny "bleb" looks a bit silly but that just fits her character purrfectly.


A Little bit more Noet and @Bladgrunn

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