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Ollie J, Plant Inspector

"The Plant Inspector" - July 2020

Cat's Name: Oliver

Location of The Feline Jungle: East Harlem, New York

Instagram: @one_eyed_oliver


A Little bit about Kalie's Feline Jungle

I have always had a plant adoration which seems to have naturally grown over time (quarantine has certainly contributed!) and I have struggled to balance being a plant mama and a cat mama at the same time. Many mornings I wake up to a broken planter and a pile of soil and crumpled leaves on the floor with a guilty looking kitty to blame, but with a face like his it's hard to stay upset! Oliver's plant curiosity only fuels my addiction as I continue looking for cat-friendly plants that will be safe for him and his little brother. My goal is to one day cultivate a true "jungle" in my home that my two kitty boys can appreciate just as much as me!


Describe your "Plant Inspector"

Ollie J came into my life shortly after I moved to New York. I was stressed and lonely and he immediately curled up into my heart and made it home. When Oliver was born it was discovered that he had a very rare genetic abnormality in his right eye, which meant it would need to be removed in order for him to live his healthiest life. Now, at the age of 2 (he just celebrated his birthday on July 2nd!) aside from occasional depth perception issues, he lives his life to the absolute fullest. He is the most outgoing and affectionate cat I have ever met, rubbing up against everyone he meets, so long as they're willing to give him attention. He's playful and vocal and mischievous and silly and one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I'm so lucky this boy chose me to be his mama!


A Little bit more Kalie and @one_eyed_oliver

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