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Peacock Dress

"Planty Fashion" - August 2020

Cat's Name: Blythe

Location of The Feline Jungle: Provo, Utah

Instagram: @threefamiliars

Cat's Owner: Lindsay Greener


A Little bit about Blythe's Feline Jungle

I am a lifelong cat lover, and proud mom of three fur babies, and two regular human babies. With the newest addition (Blythe), I feel my cat troop in finally complete. Nearly two years ago, I stumbled into the plant scene. My interest grew quickly, and I currently have 20-something plants. My favorites are Calatheas, as they are cat-friendly, and seem to like me. I love the softness plants bring to a space. I'm originally from Virginia, which is very green. So, even though I now live in a desert, I'm determined to have a lush space to enjoy! All three of my cats seem to really love the plants.


What inspired your "Planty Fashion"?

When I think fashion, I think bold designs. Since Blythe is small enough to fit basically anywhere, and super chill, I had more options for styling. My favorite corner of the internet is by far the cat and plant zone. I wanted to really blend the two seamlessly. I'd also only had Blythe for one day when I snapped this picture, so I think the idea of a 'peacock dress' was quite fitting as a representation of his flashiness and newness in our family.


A Little bit more Blythe and @threefamiliars

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