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"Cat vs. Plant" - November 2020

Cat's Name: De Congiërge

Location of The Feline Jungle: The Netherlands

Cat's Owner: Marion Overmeer


A Little bit about Marion's Feline Jungle

I am a Cat en Plant Lady. I have 4 sweat kittycats and 50 plants. But my cats sometimes murder my plants. They often commit crimes. The real name of the cat in the picture is "Snoezepoes". But in real live, his job is "Congiërge". In Englisch U call that "Caretaker" I believe. He always checks the bicycle path and the sidewalk. He often whistles people back to give them a warning if they don't obey the rules. During corona he is very busy.


What's your most memorable cat vs plant moment?

On this pic De Concierge is a little bit angry with the people because they don't keep 1.5 meter distance from each other. He is very concerned with the health of the people. His lady is a ICU nurse and in her hospital they are very busy with corona. The work-pressure is sky high and his lady is tired. So De Congiërge says: "Watch Out People!!!".


A Little bit more Marion's and @plantjes_en_moordmachines

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