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Pumpkin Patch Princess

"Pumpkin Meowment" - October 2020

Cat's Name: Sonya

Location of The Feline Jungle: Monroe, WI, USA

Instagram: @maine.shag

Cat's Owner: Olga and Kelly


A Little bit about Olga and Kelly's Feline Jungle

Sonya turned 3 this summer. She loves eat and sleep more than anything. Sonya usually very playful early in the morning and when she runs everywhere in the house, Sonya lets out a growl...if you don't know that it is a domestic cat, then you might think there is a tiger in the house with you.

Sonya is very kind, incredibly soft and fluffy. She loves to purr, eats grass, sway in the dust but she is indignant when you need to wash her after a fun time outdoors.


In honor of Halloween, what is spookiest thing about your cat(s)?

Only one thing -

Sonya can make her face like she's going to kill everyone now!


A Little bit more Olga and Kelly and @maine.shag

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