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"Cat vs. Plant" - November 2020

Cat's Name: Luca & Sia

Location of The Feline Jungle: Belgium

Instagram: @junglehousecats

Cat's Owner: Evelyn Oome


A Little bit about Evelyn's Feline Jungle

We bought our own house at the end of last year, and after moving the furniture and plants, the only thing that was missing were some furr babies. We got Luca and Sia, 2 white Scottish Straight cats, when they were 6 months old, from a couple that had to give them away because of medical reasons. Not much later, the pandemic and lockdown started, and they brought so much life into the house! I don't know how I would have survived without these two! The kitties don't really touch the plants much. Except for cuttings in water, Luca can not resist throwing those over and go running with the cutting. Sia on the other hand will attack the big plant in the bedroom sometimes, mainly to get me out of bed.

They have very different characters. Luca is very curious and needy in terms of pets and cuddles. He comes into the bed every morning to spoon with me and you can hold him like a baby. Sia however is a bit of a scaredy-cat, doesn't like to be picked up and only accepts cuddles when she comes to ask for it herself. They like to play with each other, but like real brothers and sisters, and always will end up in a little fight. That will not last long however, a couple of minutes later they are already snoozing together again!


What's your most memorable cat vs plant moment?

I'm not really for buying very expensive plants, I rather buy them little and watch them grow.

However, I couldn't help myself but buy a small variegated monstera plant that wasn't too cheap. I put it on the counter top after I unpacked it from the mail.

Luca was apparently very curious about the new plant in the room and started to inspect it. As I saw in happening from the other side of the room, he nudged the plant over with his head while snuffing it, resulting in my pretty new monstera variegata falling from 1,5m high on the ground!


A Little bit more Evelyn and @junglehousecats

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