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Roxy and the Plants

"Plant Fur-endly Cat" - February 2021

Cat's Name: Roxy

Location of The Feline Jungle: Lyon, France

Instagram: @laetitiasnd

Cat Owner: Laetitia


A Little bit about Laetitia's Feline Jungle

1 year ago, we moved to a new place, brighter and bigger. So I started to adopt a plant, than an another one...etc. And in July, we decided to adopt a kitten from a shelter. The cohabitation is going well. I love to care about my plants, it really helps with my anxiety!


What's your favorite moment in your Feline Jungle?

My favorite moment is a season : spring ! Days get longer and the plants grow faster. Every new leaf is a small victory.


A Little bit more Laetitia @laetitiasnd

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